HeadCannon Creations


HeadCannon Creations aims to foster imagination and explore life from other perspectives through collaborative, immersive storytelling by providing live-action role-players with spaces that are accessible, diverse, and safe.

Current Projects

Uncanny Valley is a weekend-long LARP inspired by “rural fantasy” and urban legends. The participants will take on the roles of adults attending a summer camp to get away from modern day life, and over the weekend will be engaging in relaxing traditional summer camp activities as well as discovering strange mysteries surrounding the camp. June 2-5 at Whitewater State Park, MN.

HeadCannon Creations aim to keep prices low, make entry by beginners to LARP easier by keeping rules light, and bring more LARPs out to the midwest area.

We endeavor to work with and provide LARPs for larpers with both physical and mental disabilities. This includes making sure that information accessibility is high on the list of priorities and the venues are as accessible as possible.

We welcome, give voice to, and listen to members of marginalized communities, and make sure that each event has a diverse staff of talented individuals.

Hallie Cannon

(Any pronouns)

Hallie has been an avid LARPer since 2005 and a LARP writer and organizer for over a decade. They live in Minnesota, have three cats, spend way too much time on the computer, and are a proud gender-fluid asexual.